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Title: Warmer autumn temperatures affect wetland plants
Authors: Laplante, Melissa
Keywords: Carex lasiocarpa;Sparganium emersum,;Dulichium arundinaceum,;Rhynchospora alba;warmer temperatures;wetland and species-specific
Issue Date: 29-Oct-2021
Abstract: Temperature is an important driver of many plant developmental processes including seasonal activities; therefore, many studies have been conducted on the effect of increased temperatures on plants. These studies show delays in autumnal phenological events and advancements of spring events however often only look at leaf unfolding and senescence of trees. Therefore, in this study, whole-plant responses to increased temperature in autumn were studied for four common Northern Ontario wetland plants: Carex lasiocarpa, Sparganium emersum, Dulichium arundinaceum and Rhynchospora alba. Root and shoot growth in autumn and spring, autumn senescence along with the production of over-wintering structures was observed. The increased autumn temperature treatment was covered with transparent vinyl closed-top chambers while the ambient autumn temperature treatment consisted of open-top chambers. The treatments were applied from August 21st until November 5th . The results show an interspecific difference in responses specifically delayed senescence and increased growth in autumn and spring for two species: C. lasiocarpa and R. alba.
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