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Title: Exploring temporality
Authors: Hanley, Carolina
Keywords: Ephemerality;temporality;observation;connectivity;experimental process;landscape architecture
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2021
Abstract: The thought of the building one day decaying and returning back into the earth is usually not considered by an architect designing a new building. This thesis explores themes of temporality, ephemerality, and observation based analysis within the architectural design process. The concept of temporality is evaluated in the work of artists Andy Goldsworthy and Gordon Matta-Clark. In addition, their creative processes are studied toward establishing an architectural design methodology. The ruins of an abandoned cement plant in the ghost town of Marlbank Ontario is analyzed through a series of site visits occurring throughout the 2020 - 2021 academic year. Observations of the site and ruins were documented through text, drawings and photography. Parallel to the ‘observations’ a series of ‘installations’ were completed at various scales. Experiences of isolated contemplation and subjective exploration on the abandoned landscape while creating these artworks informs an architectural program and design for two distinct cabins - taking direct influence of their surrounding environments and reflecting a consciousness of the temporary.
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