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Title: “Everyone needs a purpose”: Service provider perspectives on young adults in long-term care in Northern Ontario
Authors: Taylor, Chantelle
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2020
Abstract: The purpose of this qualitative study was to gain an understanding of the experience of young adults with disabilities entering long-term care from the perspective of six long-term care staff and community-based service providers in Northern Ontario. This study was approached with a social constructionist and critical social theory of disability worldview. This study sought to understand the implications associated with young adults residing in long-term care homes in Northern Ontario and to gain a better understanding of what the most appropriate housing options are for this population. A number of themes emerged including, inadequate community- based services, complex health and social needs, need for integrating health and social care, and proposed solutions. These themes point to a fragmented health care system that denies young adults with disabilities the right to choose where they wish to live and receive care. Contributing factors such as limited staffing, lack of training and environmental barriers minimize the opportunity for these individuals’ to live dignified lives while residing in long-term care homes. Findings from this study help identify policy planning needs for this population, from a Northern perspective. A number of recommendations are proposed including the creation of specialized units within the long-term care, increased staffing levels with specialized training, and collaboration of community partners for capacity building purposes. The recommendations also identify the need for a continuum of housing options to be available for young adults with disabilities and emphasizes the need for a province wide strategy for integrating health and social care.
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