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Title: Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: diagnostic outcomes in Northeastern Ontario
Authors: Burns, Jessica
Keywords: fetal alcohol spectrum disorder,;fetal alcohol spectrum disorder,;FASD;FASD;Northeastern Ontario;Northeastern Ontario;developmental disability;developmental disability;prenatal alcohol exposure;prenatal alcohol exposure;diagnosis;diagnosis;outcomes,;outcomes,;service needs;service needs;assessment.;assessment.;assessment and diagnosis;assessment and diagnosis
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2020
Abstract: The current document is a paper-based thesis examining the diagnostic outcomes of children and youth who presented for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) assessment in Northeastern Ontario. While past research has identified many functional difficulties and challenges that are associated with FASD, little is currently known about this population in Northeastern Ontario. Therefore, as part of a nation-wide FASD initiative conducted by the Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD), the current study employed a retrospective chart review and secondary data analysis of children and youth who have been assessed for FASD at the Sudbury FASD Diagnostic clinic, which services the Northeastern Ontario region. The first paper is a descriptive overview of those who presented for FASD assessment, and further compares the individuals who received an FASD diagnosis and those who did not. Findings demonstrate a need to support individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure through multiple service entities within the region. The second paper examines the intelligence quotient (IQ) scores and related adverse outcomes among the children and youth in the sample who received an FASD diagnosis. Findings support the known weakness with IQ in describing the difficulties and needs of individuals with FASD, and further highlight the importance of an early diagnosis to lessen the risk of adverse outcomes. Suggestions for future research and clinical implications are also discussed.
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