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Title: A comparative evaluation of Canadian physical activity play-based programs for children with different abilities and its transferability to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Authors: Mutawally, Shuaa
Keywords: children with different abilities;physical activity;play;play-based program
Issue Date: 8-Oct-2019
Abstract: Children with different abilities have been shown to have limited participation in play and physical activities, thereby placing them at higher risk for developmental health problems. Previous research has suggested that participation in play and physical activity program may benefit these children, the outcome of such programs potentially impacting their physical, social, and cognitive well-being. Given these links, it is important to understand how these play-based programs work and which of their specific features are responsible for positive outcomes. A comparative case study was applied to conduct the three phases of this inquiry: (1) the completion of comparative case studies of three similar play-based programs in Canada; (2) the identification and selection of useful and applicable patterns and features across all three playbased programs; and (3) the adaption and customization of a Canadian framework of play-based programs into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s culture and context. To complete the first two phases, interview data and unobtrusive data were collected from 40 Canadian program team members. The data were deductively and inductively analyzed via thematic analysis. The data were analyzed deductively and inductively via thematic analysis. The results included an indepth picture of three examples of Canadian play-based programs and their evidence-based successful factors. Important themes included: (a) the quality of the program (adequate program theory, implementation, material delivery, team, and facilities), (b) meeting needs, and (c) lessons learned from experts and practitioners. The third phase was completed by engaging 61 Saudi intended users in an open-ended questionnaire and SWOT analysis with the aim of increasing the likelihood of successful implementation. The result included a customized KSA play-based program based on the Canadian framework.
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