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Title: Biometeorology: review and analysis with regard to traumatic brain Injury acquisition in professional football, as well as traditional and digital economic markets
Authors: Juden-Kelly, Lyndon
Keywords: biometeorology;effects of environmental factors;everyday aggregate behaviors;sporting events;economic activities
Issue Date: 9-Jul-2019
Abstract: This research explores Biometeorology, which is the relationship between the environment and human behavior. Previous research has indicated that meteorological events such as lunar cycles, solar activity, temperature, and humidity have been extensively documented to affect human psychophysiology through systemic variation. The purpose of this document is to explore the effects of environmental factors on typical everyday aggregate behaviors in distinct, unique and separate investigations that relate to participation in sporting events and economic activities in order to determine if these naturally occurring influences are genuine. For example, local weather related and extra-terrestrial phenomena were collected during timestamped Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) acquisition in the National Football league (NFL) for 645 concussed players from 2012-2015. Components of the Earth’s geomagnetic field were also documented in relation to global search tendencies for highly emotional states in addition to stock market indices. Furthermore, solar and lunar cycles were recorded during the monumental rise in the cryptocurrency market in order to identify if these cyclical background patterns systemically altered interest in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) or influenced their price index in-and-of-itself. The results indicate that intrinsic capacities of the game of football inherently impacted injury severity and return to play considerations. TBI’s did however, vary as a function of geo-coordination and were most pronounced in the Northwest U.S. Injury severity was also found to be greatest during increased geomagnetic intensities. Lunar contributions also appeared to play a central role in injury acquisition insofar as TBI player height weight and injury severity were predicted by solar and geomagnetic variables of interest during the full moon. Aggregate search behavior on the Internet of Things (IoT) was found to correlate with magnetic variability, geomagnetic intensity as well as Dow Jones price movement and trading volume. Finally, traditional technical analysis indicators closely followed cryptocurrency price. However, Bitcoins Aroon up and down was found to cycle with the Moon, while Ethereum’s Heiken Ashi displayed a relationship with the Sun. Internet interest in Ethereum was found to have significant associations with the Earth’s geomagnetic field, the Sun and the Moon which was enhanced during specific alignments of these heavenly bodies. In summary, seemingly random events and aggregate group behaviors are intimately associated with external interconnected dynamics.
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