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Title: Wood architecture research and fabrication centres
Authors: Bartolucci, Marc
Keywords: wood;wood architecture;wood architecture research;mass timber;assemblies;fabrication;wood fabrication;digital fabrication;computer aided design;prefabrication;design;sustainability;research facility;research exploration;design-build;northern climate;northern architecture;environmental conditions
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2019
Abstract: This thesis explores architectural wood assemblies and fabrication methods, towards the design of a wood architecture research and fabrication centre, at Laurentian University. During the 19th century timber was the dominant building material used throughout Northern Ontario. The industrial revolution of the 20th century, introduced concrete and steel into the construction industry as fire-resistant alternatives to timber buildings. Due to increased environmental concerns and the advancement of engineering capabilities, wood has re-emerge in the 21st century as a low-carbon alternative to concrete and steel construction. This revolution towards a sustainable building industry is demanding an increased understanding of wood, and its potential within the built environment. This thesis examines academic and industry research facilities experimenting with wood buildings assemblies and robotic manufacturing processes. Design and fabrication research is conducted to develop a new architectural assembly that is applied in a building proposal for a Wood Architecture Research and Fabrication Centre at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario.
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