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Title: Ecological engineering : tests of concepts and assumptions on Levack, Year 1 : ecology
Authors: Kalin, Margarete A.
Keywords: ecological engineering;Levack tailings;expansion of cattail;waste water distribution systems;acid areas;alkaline areas;vegetation covers;acid generation;seepage creek;self-sustaining seepage treatment system
Issue Date: Mar-1986
Series/Report no.: Boojum Technical Reports;;AR002
Abstract: The objectives and results of the Ecological Engineering endeavours conducted on the Levack tailings by Boojum Research Ltd. as part of an INCO/RATS/Boojum agreement, are summarized in the five sections below. The first section covers methods for establishing and promoting the expansion of cattail stands. The second considers the various waste water distribution systems tested. The third deals with the selection of suitable species for establishment on extreme acid or alkaline areas. The fourth examines methods of oxygen measurements in the root zones of various vegetation covers and considers the relationship to acid generation as well as outlining the results of preliminary efforts to establish and promote a moss cover on acid and alkaline tailings. Finally, the fifth section summarizes the chemical, physical and biological analysis of a seepage creek with the aim of developing a self-sustaining seepage treatment system for close-out.
Description: In fulfillment of INCO contract # A9761 and CANMET/RATS contract Department of Supply and Services #23 SQ 23440-S-9119
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