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Title: Design parameters for the biological system component of Mina Esperanca seepage treatment system : Mineracao Morro Velho (MMV)
Keywords: seepage water;biological system;contaminate mine water;treatment system;acid reduction of using microbiology (ARUM);mine portal discharge
Issue Date: 21-Apr-1988
Series/Report no.: Boojum Technical Reports;;MV005
Abstract: The biological system, shown in Schematics 1 and 2, would provide a total retention time for Mina Esperanca Portal seepage water (flow, 0. 74 L.s-1) of 125 days, during which water would reside in the ARUM cells for 90 days. The actual required retention time for treatment of Mina Esperanca Portal seepage water is not known at this time; it may well be less than 125 days, and a smaller system may be adequate. Biological treatability experiments are required to ascertain required retention times. The biological treatability experiments must be conducted using low cost or waste organic ARUM Starter materials, rich in organic carbon and nitrogen. Local sources of these materials must be identified, adequate supply guaranteed, and representative samples received before the biological treatability experiments can be performed and interpreted. The conceptual system would operated as ten ( 10) sub-systems operating in parallel, fed by a header pond receiving water from the oxidation-settling pond system upstream, and treated water collected by a collector pond.
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