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Title: Examination of the potential impact of fluorine addition contained in Texasgulf Code 31 phosphate rock upon Boomerang Lake and receiving waters
Keywords: Texasgulf;Boomerang Lake;South Bay;Phosphate rock;Fluorine;Toxicity;Fish
Issue Date: 3-Apr-1993
Publisher: Boojum Research Ltd.
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;PH010
Abstract: It is currently planned to added 90 metric tonnes of Texasgulf Code 31 phosphate rock to Boomerang Lake, South Bay in late August/early September 1993. Since Texasgulf phosphate rock contains approximately 3.6 % fluorine by weight, the concentration of fluorine in Boomerang Lake could increase by no more than 3.6 mg/L in the event that all fluorine dissolved. The concentration increase is in the same order of magnitude of set guidelines and average background surface water concentrations. Fluoride toxicity, at these concentrations, to fish is unlikely.
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