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Title: Titration analysis
Authors: Kasumovich, Martina
Keywords: Titration analysis;Environmental sciences;Theory;Acid-base;pH;Acidity titrations.;South Bay
Issue Date: Apr-1997
Publisher: Boojum Research Ltd.
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;PH013
Abstract: This report is divided into two parts. The first part is a discussion of the theory of trtration analysis and its importance in the environmental sciences. The second. puts the heory into practice. Part A is the theory of titration analysis beginning with the basics of acid-base reactions and the definition of pH. Different types of titration analysis are discussed with a focus on neutralization titration, particularly acidity titrations. Part B is a discussion of the practical application of acidity titrations. Considered are both, titration curves done for water samples created in the laboratory and field water samples from 1995 and 1996, taken at South Bay. The water samples made in the lab contained various concentrations of metals such as iron. The case study explores the Mportance of acidity and the factors which influence it, affirming that pH does not define the acidity of a water sample. It is the metal concentration of the water sample which fluences the acidity of the water.
Description: for Margarete Kalin course: GEO480S
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