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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-1993Biological polishing in acid mine drainage : contaminant removal capacity and application model : final reportKalin, Margarete
13-Feb-1992The decommissioning of Les Mines Selbaie.Boojum Research Limited
Nov-1995EM surveys maps : South Bay Mine site : final report 1995.Boojum Research Limited
31-Aug-1988Assessment of seepage characteristics waste rock pile and holding pond : Hope Brook Gold Mines Ltd.Kalin, Margarete A.; Van Everdingen, R. O.; Hope Brook Gold Mines Limited.
Jul-1997South Bay : summary 1996Kalin, Margarete
Oct-1998South Bay: long-term monitoring of piezometers at South Bay Mine site / a report prepared for M. KalinVonhof Consulting Limited
Oct-1998South Bay: implications of the draining of mill pond / review prepared for M. Kalin, Boojum Research Ltd, TorontoVonhof Consulting Limited
Jul-1988Halifax International Airport, N.S. : hydrological and geochemical data.Van Everdingen, R. O.; R. O. van Everdingen Research Specialties Limited.
1-Aug-1987Hydrogeology of South Bay Mine close-out study, Ear Falls, Ontario: a report in four volumes / to Boojum Research Ltd., Environmental Research Consultants, Toronto, Canada ; on behalf of BP Resources Canada Limited / Selco DivisonMorton Geotech Inc.
10-Nov-1998Decommissioning mine waste management areas : design parameters for utilizing wetlands/muskeg for the Farley Lake mine property, Keystone Gold, Black Hawk Mining Inc. in the vicinity of Lynn Lake, northern ManitobaBoojum Research Limited