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Title: Alcoholics anonymous: from spiritual void to spiritual awakening
Authors: Vermeulen, Carla J.
Keywords: Alcoholics Anonymous;St Paul;St Augustine;Oxford Group;twelve steps;spiritual awakening;spiritual principles;conversion;concupiscence;divided will;flesh versus spirit;Viktor Frankl;Carl Jung;William James
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2017
Abstract: Examining the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) reveals that it grew out of a Christian fundamentalist group known as the Oxford Group. This history connects AA to the writings of St Paul and St Augustine. Their writings look into the lives of every human being, into the struggle of the divided will, into obsession, and made them particularly well suited to the study of addiction. There was no castigation, simply an acceptance and understanding as to the scope and needs of those who struggle with the chains of boundless appetite. The program of AA presents the twelve steps as the process one is required to undergo in order to return to health. The gift of a spiritual awakening is the promise in having worked these steps. This distinguishes AA from other recovery programs. This thesis traces spiritual awakening through the program of AA utilizing literature from the early Christian church to demonstrate how those works were integral in the original program of AA.
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