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Title: Preliminary investigation into the usefulness of tattoos for identification purposes
Authors: Grenier, Larysa Nicole
Keywords: forensic science;decomposition;tattoo;ink;identification;Northeastern Ontario
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2017
Abstract: Tattoos are common distinguishing features of many people in today’s populations, however, investigation into their usefulness in a forensic context is only just up-and-coming. This study uses four ink colours common in tattoos and the Northeastern Ontario fall and winter climates to see how study tattoo composition in skin is when presented in a harsh environment. Ten samples of tattooed pork (Sus scrofa) shoulder with skin attached were left out in the environment for 141 days. Upon collection, eye-visual analysis as well as technological analysis via photographs were done on the colours to determine change. Visually changes were not noted in most samples but, using CMYK and classified Pantone® colours, slight differences were noted. This study shows the preservative properties of a Northeastern Ontario winter and raises areas of future study for the usefulness of tattoos as an identification tool in forensic casework.
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