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Title: Sexism and personality traits: what you think, and what you think others think
Authors: Bélanger, Manon
Keywords: personality traits;sexist assumptions;positive personality traits;negative personality traits;men;women
Issue Date: 15-Dec-2016
Abstract: The studies of personality traits, as well as the study of sexist assumptions, have been a popular topic of interest in psychology. In this study, both variables are combined and examined to determine the extent to which certain personality traits are associated to men and women respectively. In addition to this, the study determines if the perceptions differ when considering the answers strictly given by men or by women, and both towards their own, and the opposite sex. These perceptions are measured via questionnaire given to thirty males and thirty females, all students at Laurentian University. Briefly stated, negative personality traits were most often associated to women, and the positive traits were mainly traits which benefit others (like generous and patient, for example). Positive and self-sufficient traits, such as ambitious and confident, for example, were mostly associated towards men.
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