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Title: Perinatal loss & infant custody loss : two unrecognized forms of loss during the perinatal period
Authors: Allison, Jennifer
Keywords: perinatal loss;infant custody loss;bereavement interventions;social worker;women;families
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2011
Abstract: Perinatal loss and infant custody loss are two very different, yet in some ways similar loss events. The most dominant theme noted across the literature is that women and their families' experiences of perinatal loss and custody loss are socially under-acknowledged and inadequately supported by professionals. Another common thread is that both are historically oppressed experiences that uniquely impact the lives of women. The goal of this practicum report is to provide a synthesis of my learning and practice experience during my advanced practicum as it relates to providing supportive bereavement interventions to women and families who have suffered a perinatal loss or infant custody loss. Data sources for the development of this report included several books; multidisciplinary and social work databases; government, social service agency, and non-profit organizations' websites; as well as my practicum experience. The practicum setting was the Paediatric and Obstetric departments, as well as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital. A discussion of the themes that emerged from my advanced practicum experience will help to demonstrate the advancement of my knowledge and skill in working with loss and bereavement as it relates to the perinatal period. Social workers, especially those in hospital settings are in an ideal position to become actively involved in reaching out to women and their families after the loss of a baby. Thus, there is a call for feminist-minded social workers to bring awareness to the experience and service needs of women and their families who have suffered these unfortunate loss events.
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