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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003"Native and mainstream parenting: A comparative study"van de Sande, Adje; Menzies, Peter
Nov-2003Native Social Work Journal: Articulating Aboriginal Paradigms: Implications for Aboriginal Social Work PracticeSchool of Native Human Services, Laurentian University
30-Aug-2016Navigating the thermal landscape: thermo-spatial ecology of wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) in the northHughes, Geoffrey Norman
16-Nov-2015Neck sense rope system and leaching studies for SNO+.Khaghani, Pouya
17-Dec-2009Negotiating for parity: The workload experienceO’Neill, Suzanne; Raven, Meg; Lafortune, Sylvie
11-Sep-2014New computational approaches for the transportation modelsAlmaatani, Dalia Essa
6-Aug-2009New research tool for the social sciences: scholars portal launches bilingual data service, <odesi>, in OntarioLafortune, Sylvie; Mowers, Susan
Apr-1999"The Nitinaht Chronicles"Webster, Schuyler; Douglas, Lucilla; Goddard, Molly
24-Apr-2016Non-pharmacological prevention of delirium in older adults in long term care: a scoping studyFerguson, Erin
May-1997"Northern student education initiative"German, Nona R.
17-Jun-2015Novel electromagnetic surveying and interpretation methods for improved near surface characterization and deep explorationKolaj, Michal
1-Oct-2014A novel method of detecting galling and other forms of catastrophic adhesion in tribotestsDalton, Gregory Michael
13-Jan-2015Numerical analysis of porous piezoelectric materialsSingh, Jaspreet
9-Oct-2013Numerical modeling of brittle rock failure around underground openings under statis and dynamic stress loadingsGolchinfar, Nader
4-Nov-2015Numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation in underground mines.Wang, Xin
23-Sep-2016Numerical modeling of unstable rock failure.Manouchehrian, Seyed Mohammad Amin
29-Mar-2011Numerical study of critical properties and hidden orders in dimerized spin laddersGibson, Sandra J.; Meyer, Ralf; Chitov, Gennady Y.
12-Nov-2015Nursing processes related to unplanned intensive care unit admissionsMartin, Jennifer
10-Aug-2015Object distance measurement using a single camera for robotic applicationsAlizadeh, Peyman
2007Obstacles à la communication dans une situation de communication exolingue en contexte de clavardageBernier, Marie