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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2018Magmatic evolution and porphyry–epithermal mineralization in the Taftan volcanic complex, southeastern IranRichards, Jeremy P. Razavi, Amir M. Spell, Terry L. Locock, Andrew Sholeh, Ali Aghazadeh, Mehraj
2004Maladie hémolytique du nouveau-néKoudra, Fahamia
16-Dec-2013Managing prostitution : the social relations of ‘help’Schmidt, Christine
1969Marcuse et la philosophie : plaidoyer pour une pensée révolutionnaireGauthier, Yvon
10-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2007Thomson, Ashley
10-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2008Thomson, Ashley
10-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2009Thomson, Ashley
10-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2010Thomson, Ashley
10-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2011Thomson, Ashley
31-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2012Thomson, Ashley
10-Mar-2015Margaret Atwood Bibliography 2013Thomson, Ashley
4-Sep-2009Marguerite Mbonimpa : combativité et persévérance faites femmeHien, Amélie
28-Aug-2017Markov blanket: efficient strategy for feature subset selection method for high dimensionality microarray cancer datasetsNour, Abdala
3-Dec-2012The Master of Aboriginal Social Work Program: Elders and culture camp as the foundationSanderson, Joan
Jan-1994A mathematical model for biological polishingRomanin, Ben
2007Maxima et la programmation en parallèleLeger, Danielle
21-Aug-2017The McConnell medial taping technique; effects on patellar alignment and pain for patellofemoral pain syndrome.Canning, Alicia
2-Dec-2016The meaning of home for aging women living alone in North Eastern OntarioBarry, Arro
1995Measuring Pediatric Physical FunctionYoung, Nancy; Wright, J G
7-Nov-2013Memory and attentional biases associated with perfectionism: the impact of mood and threat responsivenessDesnoyers, Amanda