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11-Apr-2022Habitat 2.0: creating gentle density communities in Toronto’s lanewaysLusk, Bryan
HF001.pdf.jpgJul-1988Halifax International Airport, N.S. : hydrological and geochemical data.Van Everdingen, R. O.; R. O. van Everdingen Research Specialties Limited.
Introduction.pdf.jpg1999Handbook of Canadian Boarding SchoolsThomson, Ashley; Lafortune, Sylvie
Courtney Evans MSW Thesis 2019.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2019Harm reduction with people who use psychoactive substances: social workers’ perceptions of harm reduction work and in implementing harm reduction work in their direct clinical practice in rural Central OntarioEvans, Courtney
FICHIER11.pdf.jpg2001Harry Bernard (1898-1979): érudit et homme de lettresGaudreau, Guy; Tremblay, Micheline
FICHIER13.pdf.jpg2003Harry Bernard, journaliste au Droit, 1919-1923Gaudreau, Guy; Tremblay, Micheline
7-Apr-2022Healing home: exploring the potential of trauma-informed design in foster care group homesHannon, Emily
NSWJ-V7-art1-p11-31.PDF.jpg20-Dec-2010Healing Residential School Trauma. The Case for Evidence-Based Policy and Community-Led ProgramsBrant Castellano, Marlene
G Scott Thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2021Health equity and rurality in Northern OntarioScott (Spiro), Grace M.
Carfagnini.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2016Help or hindrance? A narrative exploration of the familial relationships of an indigenous woman living in Northern OntarioCarfagnini, Adrienne
Sophie Nash MA Thesis Final 2018.pdf.jpg19-Oct-2018Help-seeking behaviours of university students in a Northern Ontario communityNash, Sophie J.
Thesis 2016  Jose Echanove completed.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2016Hemagglutinin-based antigen designs expressed in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastorisEchánove Juan, José Arquímides
Trowbridge MSc Thesis Library Copy.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2020Herps in the wind: the ecology of herpetofauna in windfarmsTrowbridge, Cory
003Tanchoux-pp-28-47.pdf.jpg2008Heurs et malheurs de l'administration chargée de la protection des monuments historiques en France; 1830-1848.Tanchoux, Philippe
Gauthier Revue de l'U.L. 15(2).pdf.jpg1983The High Price of Anti-theoretical Thinking in Mental DeficiencyBenôit, E. Paul; Gauthier, Yvon
Franchuk_Anatoliy_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg16-May-2014High tenor NI-PGE sulfide mineralization of the south manasan ultramafic intrusion, Thompson Nickel Belt, ManitobaFranchuk, Anatoliy
Maryam Abdul Ahad Thesis Final.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2017High throughput sequencing-based transcriptiome analysis of diffuse large-B-cell lymphoma patients with samples taken at diagnosis and after therapy relapse: a feasibility study toward developing personalized therapiesAbdul Ahad, Maryam
Laura Williams MSc thesis July 13th.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2020High-fat diet-induced loss of muramyl dipeptide sensitivityWilliams, Laura Marie
Accepted manuscript for deposit.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2017High-performance iron oxide-graphene oxide nanocomposite adsorbents for arsenic removalYe, Zhibin; Su, Hui; Hmidi, Nuri
ThesisFinalSubmission_260415_(REVISED)_1.pdf.jpg27-May-2015A highway of pollution with no boundaries: a study using lead isotope ratios in wet deposition and lichen to trace atmospheric pollutionAkerman, Tamra