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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2016The use of mitochondrial DNA for the identification of fish in the early stages of development from the eastern shores of Lake Huron, Ontario, CanadaTaylor, Natalie D. J.
26-Jan-2015The use of packed sphere modelling for airflow and heat exchange analysis in broken or fragmented rockSchafrik, Sidney
9-Nov-2016The use of surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy in characterizing small molecule-based nerve growth factor inhibitorsKennedy, Allison E.
Nov-2003"Using a Jungian model of the psyche to explain traditional Aboriginal approaches to mental health"Rice, Brian
4-Sep-2018Using group role assignment to solve Dynamic Vehicle Routing ProblemLei, Bo
30-Aug-2018Using provider perspectives to understand what makes obesity and diabetes prevention programs for children living in a First Nations Community in Northern Ontario effectiveNiles, Andrew
Nov-2003"Using the gifts of the Trickster: Balancing "Self" in the helping field"Stevens, Nancy; St. Germain, Janice
2006Utilisation d'Internet et les relations socialesLafortune, Sylvie; Laflamme, Simon
15-Sep-2017Utilization of coal fly ash and grape waste to remove toxic metal ions in mining waste watersAppiah-Hagan, Emmanuel
12-Aug-2016Utilization of drinking water sludge and modified coal fly ash as adsorbents of metals and metalloidsYu, Xiao
17-Mar-2017Utilization of industrial waste heat for the cultivation and harvesting of microalgaeLaamanen, Corey Alfred
2-Oct-2018Utilizing the mechanical redundancy of parallel systems for condition monitoring hydraulic pumps in variable operationRose, Alexander M.
5-Feb-2018Validation and verification of an analytical method to identify and quantify selected amphetamine-related drugs in whole bloodAlamir, Ahmad
13-Jul-2016Validation of the use of Sus Scrofa (domestic pig) DNA as a research tool in a forensic laboratoryBennoit, Nathan
Jan-1997Valley seepages at BuchansGerits, Jan
1988Venture Creators and Firm Buyers: a Comparison of Attitudes Towards Government Help and Locus of ControlCachon, Jean-Charles
30-Mar-2015Vers une proposition des États Unis d’Afrique comme réponse stratégique aux conflits et terrorisme en AfriqueGningue, Youssou
Nov-2016Vibrational band structure of nanoscale phononic crystalsMeyer, Ralf
Jan-2011Vibrational density of states of silicon nanoparticlesMeyer, Ralf; Comtesse, Denis
20-Oct-2015Violence in hockey: a social and legal perspective.Dennie, Martine