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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2016Défi faites le calculChevrette, Stéphanie
11-Aug-2010Développement de services documentaires dans une université bilingue du Nord de l'OntarioSaadaoui, Leïla
12-Apr-2017Differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women engaged in street prostitution in Sudbury.Walicki, Bernadette
13-Aug-2014Differenciations of “enfant” / “child” in the achievement of Gilles DeleuzeOrd, Douglas
29-Jun-2015Discours nationalitaires ou cacaphonie discursive? De nouveaux référents identitaires des francophones de Sudbury, 1968-1975.Laforge, Michel
2002Discrimination sexuelle et discrimination linguistique : lecture des inégalités salariales au Canada et en Ontario.Bernier, Christiane; Laflamme, Simon
2004Distanciation psychologique d'une personne violenteAubin, Natalie
30-Mar-2015Distinguer la peur de la surprise indépendamment du processus d’interprétation : un examen de l’hypothèse des limites perceptuelles et attentionnellesGraham, Michelle; Chamberland, Justin A.; Ferguson, Ryan; Reguigui, Leila; Dickinson, Joël
9-May-2016Diversity in Research - La diversité dans la recherche - Nooch gegoo ndagkendma-daaSheppard, George; Tremblay, Line
Nov-2003"Divided we fall, United we stand: Internalized oppression and its affects on Community Development within Aboriginal communities"Harper, Julie
31-Aug-2016Do portable anti-fatigue mats affect the mechanics or discomfort of walkingGauvin, André
10-Aug-2015Does exercise-induced inflammation serve a useful purpose across the adult age span?Cartier, Sophie Melanie Louise
31-Mar-2015Donne-moi un verbe! Donne-moi un nom!: Une étude de la variabilité intra-liste des mots perceptuels ambigüesHendel, Emalie; Ferguson, Ryan; Dickinson, Joël
Sep-2000"Dynamics of the 1999 AIDS Walk in 31 First Nations communities: The community within the community"Saulnier, Gabe; Masching, Renee
5-May-2015Early Interventions to trauma: an examination of crisis support delivery, trauma clinician skill development, and potential applications for child welfare apprehension and placementMurdoch, Stephanie A.
11-Aug-2014Early neoproterozoic marine redox conditions recorded in black shale from the little Dal Group, Northwest Territories, CanadaO’Hare, Sean Patrick
22-Sep-2017Earwitness identification: an examination of scenario, lineup type and gender as factors in identification accuracy.Smith, Taylor
21-Aug-2015Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake : evaluating the effectiveness of mitigation structures at the population levelColley, Michael
27-Mar-2015Educational data mining using fuzzy sets to facilitate usability and user experience - an approach to integrate artificial intelligence and human-computer interactionJahan, Sheikh Shushmita
21-May-2014The effect of a six-week whole body vibration training protocol on the physical capacities and fatigability of overweight young female adultsSerresse, Suzanne