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PhD Engineering Thesis_Levesque, Michelle_Final.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2015An improved energy management methodology for the mining industry.Levesque, Michelle
Gourcerol_PhDThesis_2016 -FINAL VERSION.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2016Characterization of banded iron formations associated with gold mineralization: primary geochemical signatures and exploration implicationsGourcerol, Blandine
Daryl_Anderson-PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2015Visual art discourses as rhetoric: exploring the colonial creation of the Canadian Northwest PassageAnderson, Daryl
Hewage, Neville thesis 2016-05-02 HRP2 FINAL.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2015Cataract surgery: impact on activities, time use and gender and power relations in rural Andhra Pradesh, IndiaHewage, Neville
PhD Thesis_LJW_Dec_22_2014 v.Final_edit_2.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2014The current university focus: an emphasis on providing customer service over engagement?Wardley, Leslie J.
Hahn thesis final April 2016.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2016Sedimentology, stratigraphy, geochemistry, geochemistry and diagenesis of giant lacustrine carbonate seep mounds (Ikpiarjuk Formation), Mesoproterozoic Borden Basin, Nunavut, Actic CanadaHahn, Katherine Elizabeth
TMasilamani thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2015Expression, subcellular localization and functional characterization of RBM5 and RMB10 during the differentiation of C2C12 skeletal myoblasts (skeletal myogenesis)Masilamani, Twinkle Jasmine
Blodgett Dissertation FINAL - 1May2015_1.pdf.jpg27-May-2015The relocation experiences of aboriginal athletes pursuing sport in euro-canadian contexts: visual and narrative stories of acculturationBlodgett, Amy T.
Omid Mahmoodi_Final_corrected_Thesis.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2015Application of physical properties measurements to lithological prediction and constrained inversion of potential field data, Victoria Property, Sudbury, Canada.Mahmoodi, Omid
Wang_Zhenheng_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg5-May-2014Model based fault detection for two-dimensional systemsWang, Zhenheng