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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
HCF thesis VF_RM2.pdf.jpg8-jan-2019Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology of the Mesoproterozoic Husky Creek Formation, Coppermine River Group, Nunavut, CanadaMeek, Robert David
Joseph Burke Thesis Final February 3 2020.pdf.jpg24-jan-2020Including Indigenous perspectives in policy-making processes: natural resource development in Northern Ontario  Burke, Joseph
Bennison_MASc_1-31-2020.pdf.jpg11-déc-2019The role of cancellous bone architecture in misalignment and side effect errorsBennison, Matthew B. L.
Parth Patel-THESIS-FINAL.pdf.jpg21-jui-2019Prediction of cancer for microarray and DNA methylation data with Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and machine learning methodsPatel, Parth
Mkhonto, Sharlotte.pdf.jpg10-jan-2020The use of sulfide mineral chemistry to understand PGE mineralization processes in the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous ComplexMkhonto, Sharlotte C.
MSc Thesis_William McNeice_Final.pdf.jpg7-sep-2019Can magnetic susceptibilities measured on outcrops be used for modelling (and constraining inversions of) aeromagnetic data?McNeice, William John
BoltMAThesis - Final Document - Jan_2020.pdf.jpg9-déc-2019Exploring relationships between perfectionism and Instagram use on body image concerns and the use of body modification strategies in menBolt, Megan
Thesis - Amanda Boraman Final.pdf.jpg13-déc-2019Development of a glycoliposomal delivery system to improve dynantin antagonism of the kappa opioid receptorBoraman, Amanda
Andrea Carruthers. MHK 2019.pdf.jpg25-nov-2019Understanding women athlete concussion in socio-cultural context: a media analysis of Eugenie Bouchard’s concussionCarruthers, Andrea
THÈSE VERSION FINALE CINDY SERRESSE 1 JAN 2020.pdf.jpg19-déc-2019La perception des diplômés d’une école des sciences de l’activité physique à l’égard du développement de leurs compétences professionnelles en physiothérapie : une étude de casSerresse, Cindy
M.Bouchard_MScThesis_Final_20191220.pdf.jpg6-déc-2019Litho-and chemostratigraphy of the lower to middle cambrian Mount Clark, Mount Cap and Saline river formations in Hornaday River Canyon, Carcajou Range, and Norman Range, Northwest Territories Bouchard, Mélanie Lynn
Rumney_MSc_thesis_01.06.2010_final.pdf.jpg17-déc-2019Effects of restoration on carbon storage in smelterimpacted industrial barrensRumney, Robyn
Thesis FINAL - Nilisha Patel.pdf.jpg14-aoû-2019Using epigenomics data to predict gene expression in breast cancerPatel, Nilisha
Christopher Stevens Thesis Final.pdf.jpg18-déc-2018Northeastern Ontario registered nurses’ perceptions of E-learningStevens, Christopher James
Stephane Horne - Thesis - Final Copy.pdf.jpg19-déc-2018Dynamic difficulty adjustment: using the Wizard of Oz method to investigate potential improvements through biofeedbackHorne, Stéphane Thomas
thesis (2).pdf.jpg16-oct-2019Lattice boltzmann models for heat transfer and anisotropic flows  Wang, Zimeng
Saskia Hart MSc Thesis Dec 17 2019.pdf.jpg16-déc-2019Fungal community dynamics and carbon mineralization in Populus tremuloides, Picea mariana, and Pinus banksiana coarse woody debris in two ecoregions of northern OntarioHart, Saskia Cassandra
Kirkwood_Thesis_LU_Submission.pdf.jpg11-nov-2019Microbial community and C cycling across permafrost peatlands in the Hudson Bay Lowlands: feedbacks to in-situ degradation and simulated warmingKirkwood, Adam H.
Thesis-MSc-Pinzhi.pdf.jpg29-oct-2019Improving group role assignment problem by incremental assignment algorithmWang, Pinzhi
PRost_Thesis_Final_Nov27.pdf.jpg30-oct-2019SNO+ waterphase burst principal component analysis  Rost, Philip Rost
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 555