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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2019 MSc Thesis KUnger - Final.pdf.jpg13-nov-2019An optimized and validated method for screening and quantification of commonly encountered stimulant drugs and selected metabolites in dried blood spot (DBS) samples by ultra performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole time of flight-high resolution mass spectroscopy (UPLC QTOF-HRMS) analysisUnger, Kirk
Trudel MSc thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg11-oct-2019Provenance and depositional age of the Cryogenian ‘grand conglomérat’, host of the Kamoa Cu-deposit, Democratic Republic of CongoTrudel, Philippe Gerald Eric
Thesis Paper Final WORD.pdf.jpg19-jui-2017Social network development of the Stay on Your Feet (SOYF) implementation in the Greater Sudbury Region: A case studyLabbé, Amanda Paulean
Iserhoff.Thesis.pdf.jpg15-nov-2019Integrating mainstream and indigenous approaches in a private clinical settingIserhoff, Anne Marie
Dabros MSc thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg11-oct-2019Compositional and textural analysis of host-rock diamictite matrix at the Kakula copper deposit, Democratic Republic of CongoDabros, Quinn
L. Lambovitch - Advanced Practicum Project Report - Final Oct 31, 2019.pdf.jpg31-oct-2019Supporting child survivors of trauma at school: depathologizing behaviour and educating teachersLambovitch, Lia
10.23.2019 FINAL.pdf.jpg15-oct-2019Leading competitor masters athletes: identities and the road to successBottomley, Jenny N.
MémoireDeMaîtrise_ValérieGauthier.pdf.jpg11-oct-2019Les variations linguistiques à l’intérieur des locutions contenant le mot « tête »Gauthier, Valérie
Thesis Final Version - Arielle Bieniek_FINAL.pdf.jpg7-oct-2019A metagenomic analysis of tailings microbial communities from both cold and hot environmentsBieniek, Arielle Kirbie
CPrevost-2019-Patient Experiences in Rural Northern Ontario - Small Hospital Utilization and Perspectives on Community Paramedicine.pdf.jpg7-mai-2019Patient experiences in rural Northern Ontario: small hospital utilization and perspectives on community paramedicinePrevost, Chad
KristinaTrandovski_MA THESIS FINAL2019.pdf.jpg5-sep-2019Sibling experiences in families of an individual with a chronic health condition: Down syndrome and cystic fibrosisTrandovski, Kristina
Courtney Evans MSW Thesis 2019.pdf.jpg14-aoû-2019Harm reduction with people who use psychoactive substances: social workers’ perceptions of harm reduction work and in implementing harm reduction work in their direct clinical practice in rural Central OntarioEvans, Courtney
9.0 Final document (EFFECTS OF HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL EXERCISE VERSUS STEADY STATE EXERCISE WITH SIMILAR ENERGY EXPENDITURES ON EPOC).pdf.jpg12-aoû-2019Effects of high intensity interval exercise versus steady state exercise with similar energy expenditures on EpocLeroux, Sébastien
ACFrOgCLKOTaJi3wfKsOAbP8tNKgrP0adwZMnQTMU9ZF80s3oDKiWEPN3Bt8bWiJhp5AJIiy256DG2uIMBaianAJXycp4vKcp6t1idDMd-dv8GpU034Gv2pPQCIEBfE=.pdf.jpg27-aoû-2019Perceived impact of rotating shift work on health and wellbeing among underground workersVilleneuve, Chelsea V.
ACFrOgD4LGVFMFrz8_d_xMreVbWBwvsuuNscRugCuAywYJMZfEpoPuxxZelHuNtW8OFclV0qKnPCr3COUwiCfRrYBGV2RIVg30YK8xBPzxXQ-PQLW8DJYdbpwAHeFak=.pdf.jpg22-aoû-2019An analysis of claim frequency and claim severity for third party motor insurance using Monte Carlo simulation techniquesDumais, Cedric
MSc thesis Brendon Samson_updated.pdf.jpg16-aoû-2019Deformation history and gold mineralization of the Cadillac Group north of the Larder Lake-Cadillac deformation zone, southern Abitibi greenstone belt, QuebecSamson, Brendon
ACFrOgAZ8TZwSaujIjaz8OjPbi8I4s9pMFGL4IigI2_KGctOmbBWOf2lFJivSwkGiaIy5o_t5wZAdsnOAucYMZtluOvcEU8GCNUrVA5HQBmc4BsmIPjXmItvAmD5rAg=.pdf.jpg26-jui-2019Oneiric architecture: a filmic exploration of the subjective dream experienceBass, Cody
Final MCMILLAN.2019.09.13-compressed.pdf.jpg3-sep-2019Laurentian University habitat for holistic healing and wellness: growing spaces for fostering a culture of ritualistic self-careMcMillan, Shannon
MSc Thesis_very Final Version_Amir Maleki.pdf.jpg26-jui-2019Gravity data acquisition and potential-field data modelling along Metal Earth's Chibougamau transect using geophysical and geological constraintsGhahfarokhi, Amir Maleki
Dart_MScThesis_2019_Final.pdf.jpg1-aoû-2019The impacts of environmental changes on peatland microbial community structure and functionDart, Michelle M.
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 602