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AperçuDate de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
HUGHES Tara PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg16-jui-2015Comparison of sibling relationships in families of children with autism spectrum disorder and fetal alcohol spectrum disorderHughes, Tara
VIEN Danielle PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015The effect of text difficulty on the missing-letter effectVien, Danielle
TOMPKINS Aleisha PSYC 4104EL01 2014-15.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015The effect of pleasant and unpleasant music on judgments of learning and memory recallTompkins, Aleisha
THIBEAULT Michel PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015Effects of action video game training on spatial attentionThibeault, Michel R.
SPREADBURY Melanie PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015Effects of virtual group size on conformity.Spreadbury, Melanie
SPENCE Melissa PSYC 4104EL01 2014 2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015The impact of induced emotion on languageSpence, Melissa
SLOMAN Tovah PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015The relationship between Facebook and body imageSloman, Tovah
SINCLAIR Amber PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015The effects of early life stress on stress induced binge eating later in lifeSinclair, Amber
ROWE Robyn PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015Aboriginal perspectives understanding and comparing the lived experiences and resilience of aboriginal men and women attending higher educationRowe, Robyn
ROSS James PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015Effects of cordycepin on regeneration in a planarian modelRoss, James
PAGNUTTI Sarah PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015The therapeutic benefits of yellingPagnutti, Sarah J. K.
MORRISSEAU Nakita-Rose PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015Gender and personality correlates influence on attitudes towards the elderly in indigenousMorrisseau, Nakita-Rose
LYNCH Serena PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg9-jui-2015An independent analysis of schemas using the Go/No Go Association TaskLynch, Serena
JONIK Sirena psyc 4104el01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015QEEG profile changes following three total body modification (TBM) treatmentsJonik, Sirena
JEYACHANDREN Jeffrey PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015The effects of weak electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on developing Xenopus laevis tadpolesJeyachandren, Jeffrey
FRANCIS Kamilah PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015Planaria as a model for the effects of the co-use of alcohol and nicotineFrancis, Kamilah
FERGUSON Ryan PSYC 4104EL01 2014 2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015Give me a verb! Give me a noun!: an ERP investigation of perceptual words with ambiguous word classesFerguson, Ryan
BIDAL Ryan PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015Establishing a mechanism for the effects of specific patterned electromagnetic fields at the molecular level using fragmented bacteriaBidal, Ryan
BEASLEY Kayla PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015The importance of verbatim report : a between-subjects investigationBeasley, Kayla
BAZINET Alexandra PSYC 4104EL01 2014-2015.pdf.jpg8-jui-2015Personality and cognition of pornographic offenders; a comparison to sexual and general offendersBazinet, Alexandra
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 21