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Aubin_Natalie_These_doctorat.pdf.jpg12-May-2014La gérontagogie et la question de l’apprentissage au troisième âge définie par des personnes aînées francophones: le cas de l’OntarioAubin, Natalie
Ahiram Monter-Msc-Thesis - July 23, 2014.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2014Structural and stratigraphic setting of the Rey de Plata volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in the Guerrero Composite Terrane, MexicoMonter, Ahiram Ramirez
thesisFINAL - Dalia Almaatani.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2014New computational approaches for the transportation modelsAlmaatani, Dalia Essa
Strength Based Reading Instruction Method (post defence).pdf.jpg25-Jun-2014The Oelwein method: a strength-based reading instruction method for individuals with severe autismVan Geene, Michael
Price_Stephanie_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014The transition from intensive behavioural intervention programs to the school system: the experiences of the transition teamPrice, Stephanie R.
Laurence_Sophie_PhD_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Genetic variation and population genetic structure of muskrat, Ondatra Zibethicus, at different spatial scalesLaurence, Sophie
Cummings_Jessica_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2014The adaptation challenges and strategies of immigrant high performance coaches working within the canadian sport systemCummings, Jessica
Leduc_Caleb_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014Identifying return to work predictors among individuals obtaining psychological servicesLeduc, Caleb
Ritchie_Stephen_Doctoral_Thesis.pdf.jpg21-May-2014Promoting resilience and well-being for indigenous adolescents in Canada: connecting to the good life through an outdoor adventure leadership experienceRitchie, Stephen D.
Tennant Melissa MA Thesis Final_2.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2014Exploring media representations of overweight & obese women’s dietary and exercise behaviours in the biggest loser: a self-determination theory approachTennant, Melissa