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MSc_Thesis_SMahboob_Final_Committee_Teck_Approved.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2017Surface morphology characterization of industrial zinc electrodeposits as a function of chemical additives using atomic force microscopy and scaling analysisMahboob, Said Sharif
NikolasGazo_MastersThesis_FINAL.pdf.jpg31-May-2017Ground electromagnetic experiments to investigate the possibility of using an airborne electromagnetic system to detect nuclear magnetic resonance associated with unbound water in the subsurfaceGazo, Nikolas
Tamara Davidson Marcon MA Thesis Manuscript FINAL.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2017Emotional facial expression recognition and emotion regulation in undergraduate students with disordered eatingDavidson Marcon, Tamara
Bourne, Vanessa_MSc Biology_Final Thesis.pdf.jpg12-May-2017Biomonitoring under changing climate conditions: assessing seasonal variability of benthic macroinvertebrate communities and stream characteristics in two ecozones in Northern Ontario, Canada.Bourne, Vanessa A.
Lecours_Thesis_Final.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2017A genetics-based approach for the determination of Phalacrocorax auritus diet on Lake NipissingLecours, Mathieu
Horrigan Final PhD Thesis Evaluating the Quality of Work Life Dec 23rd 2017.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2017Evaluating the quality of work life of registered nurses in urban, rural and remote Northeastern OntarioHorrigan, Judith Mary
Maryam Abdul Ahad Thesis Final.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2017High throughput sequencing-based transcriptiome analysis of diffuse large-B-cell lymphoma patients with samples taken at diagnosis and after therapy relapse: a feasibility study toward developing personalized therapiesAbdul Ahad, Maryam
2017 10 17 - Saruna Kunwar PhD Thesis - Final.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2017Production of cryogens using wind energy for use in deep mine cooling and ventilation.Kunwar, Saruna
Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald_Final Thesis Document_September 5_2017.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2017How does reading support resilience? An interdisciplinary narrative study with children and adultsBrockerhoff-Macdonald, Bettina
Marta Rios Thesis.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2017Tunnel convergence in stress-fractured groundRíos, Marta