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Title: "Mino-Yaa-Daa: An urban community-based approach"
Authors: Baskin, Cyndy
Issue Date: May-1997
Publisher: School of Native Human Services
Citation: Baskin, Cyndy (1997). "Mino-Yaa-Daa: An urban community-based approach". NSWJ-V1, p. 55-67.
Abstract: Gabriel Dumont Non-Profit Homes (Metro Toronto) Inc. includes a centralized 80 unit apartment complex and 7 townhouses on a separate site. Located in Scarborough, Ontario all units have 3 or 4 bedrooms. Incorporated in 1985 and opened in 1986, the complex is financially sponsored by the Canada Mortage and Housing Corporation. Geared to income housing is offered on a monthly rent-geared-to-income basis. The majority of families in the complex are headed by single mothers.
ISSN: 1206-5323
Appears in Collections:Volume 1, May 1997: Inaugural Edition of Native Social Work Journal

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