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Loiselle_ Julie_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2013Analysis of RBM5 and RBM10 expression throughout H9C2 skeletal and cardiac muscle cell differentiation.Loiselle, Julie Jennifer
Alhajlan_Mai_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2013Liposomal clarithromycin delivery for the treatment of pseudomonal lung infection in cystic fibrosis.Alhajlan, Mai Mohsen A.
Nomenjanahary_Clara_These_maitrise.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2013Un modèle d’étude in vitro de la réversion tumorale du cancer du col utérin dû aux infections par le virus de papillome humain à haut risque (VPH 16 et 18)Nomenjanahary, Clara Ernestine
Stasko_Ashley_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2013The role of water clarity in structuring niche dimensions and overlap between smallmouth bass and walleyeStasko, Ashley D.
Zaenab Aljassim thesis-6_1.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2015Enzymatic and immunological comparison of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and a clinical isolate of streptomyces.Aljassim, Zaenab
Goupil_Kassandre_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg16-May-2014Effects of liming on soil respiration, fungi diversity and abundance in a metal-contaminated region in Northern OntarioGoupil, Kassandre
Alamri_Sarah_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg16-May-2014Comparative analysis of soybean (glycine max) accessions using inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markersAlamri, Sarah
Alfarteesh_Hajer_MSc_Biology thesis.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2014The effect of Uncaria Tomenosa on the murine melanoma cell line, B16-BL6Alfarteesh, Hajer
Leduc_Joel_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2014Life-history trade-offs in Northern leopard frog (Lithobates [Rana] Pipiens) tadpoles: interactions of trace metals, temperature, and ranavirusLeduc, Joël
Santala_Kierann_Master_Thesis.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2014The introduction of native forest floor plant species in to the industrially disturbed forests of Sudbury, Ontario, CanadaSantala, Kierann R.