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Title: A greenway forward: revitalizing Ottawa’s core through urban agriculture
Authors: Cole, Gabrielle
Keywords: Food security;sustainability;urban agriculture;food production
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2023
Abstract: On the surface, the idea of obtaining healthy produce within an urban setting appears relatively easy to achieve, however, a variety of unprecedented challenges present constraints in realizing this belief. These constraints are largely due to climate change, inflation in food prices, population density increase, and shifts in housing patterns. This thesis will explore the implementation of architecture by integrating urban agriculture within the central experimental farm facility in Ottawa and how it can become a model that cultivates and produces economically sustainable food production in cities. Through extensive literary research, site analysis, review of case studies, and mapping of diverse urban areas, it will be expounded that the implementation of sustainable agriculture systems within an urban city can facilitate a healthy environment for the community to grow. The examination of traditional farming systems and integration of sustainable methodologies is the base that will guide this thesis proposal redefining growing strategies from rural lands to urban buildings.
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