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Title: Where does the flower bloom?: designing for Brampton’s multicultural identity
Authors: Bassan, Harman Singh
Keywords: Brampton;Canada;cultural;diversity;library;multiculturalism;public space
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2023
Abstract: Canada’s representation as a “cultural mosaic” purportedly welcomes and celebrates diversity, yet in reality, whiteness continues to be privileged. Many cultural groups are not given access to spaces, amenities, and opportunities to practice their traditions and express their culture, leaving them vulnerable to loss of cultural identity. In Brampton, Ontario, three-quarters of the residents are global majority citizens, which makes the city a particularly revealing case for exploring the exclusion and racism that manifest in urban policy decisions and the use of public spaces. This thesis focuses on the expanded program of a public Library + Civic complex to support residents of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The proposed intervention of a library facility as a community hub provides a space for all people to access free learning and training opportunities within a space of representation and civic participation that offers an environment for socialization, collaboration, and community engagement.
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