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Title: Augmented reality based indoor navigation using point cloud localization
Authors: Patel, Vishva
Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR);Virtual Reality (VR),;ARWAY;Point Clouds;A
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2021
Abstract: People of various ages may find it difficult to navigate complex building structures as they become more prevalent. The future belongs to a world that is artificially facilitated, and Augmented Reality will play a significant role in that future. The concept of Indoor Navigation using a smartphonebased Augmented Reality technology is explored in this research. Using readily available and affordable tools, this study proposes a solution to this issue. We built an Augmented Reality-based framework to assist users in navigating a building using ARWAY, a software development toolkit. To find the shortest paths, we used the Point Cloud Localization and A* pathfinding algorithms. A shop inside a shopping centre, a particular room in a hotel, and other locations can be easily located using this app, and the user is given fairly precise visual assistance through their smartphone to get to his desired spot. The proposed framework is based on augmented reality, and point clouds are the most important components. The application allows the user to choose their desired destination as well as change their destination at any time. To find the results from the technical, subjective, and demographic responses, we used hypothesis testing and validation with statistical analysis and exploratory data analysis methods.
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