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Title: The dawn of the Canadian Coptic architectural identity: establishing Coptic architectural archetype for the Canadian diaspora
Authors: Yacoub, Monica
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2022
Abstract: The thesis examines the origin of Coptic architecture and its modern transformation into Canadian Coptic architecture. First, the genesis of the Coptic community and its faith is introduced to understand the development of Coptic architecture with the influence of ancient Egyptian architecture throughout time, leading to contemporary architecture examples. Following this, the reasons for their exile and emigration from Egypt to form the Coptic diaspora are outlined. The second chapter investigates the struggles and the persecution of the Copts. Case studies of the contemporary language of the diaspora reveal the preserved Coptic architecture essence. In the third chapter, a design proposal that reflects the aspirations of the Coptic community of Sudbury is proposed to revive and grow the Coptic community and reflect their new identity in their church.
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