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Title: Music Is the answer: attributing social agency In architecture to music venues In the city
Authors: Kennedy-Dew, Kevin
Keywords: Agency;music venue;music culture;artist residency;inclusive design;subcultures;nightclubs
Issue Date: 9-Apr-2022
Abstract: The stance of the nightclub industry is often perceived as an exclusive, lavish artifact of commodity in the city. Although, when operated under the care of local music collectives, they are factually inclusive and have demonstrated great social agency in design. Music and nightclubs [spaces for dance] are a healthy social activity for the stability and growth of our mental health and should not be rejected by the superficial view the media projects. We are starting to see how digital technology is bringing an end to physical collective encounters, thereby losing the aura of human intimacy of musical performances. To reinvigorate this aura, the design of an events hall derives principles of social agency design from subcultural venues of our past and a programmatic envelope strategized to support local music culture and allow for the full creative freedom of the artist.
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