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Title: Wood future: forestry, carbon, and wood architecture in Northern Ontario
Authors: Damini, Michael
Keywords: Wood architecture;forestry;wood culture;sawmill;Northern Ontario;graphic narrative;drawing
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2022
Abstract: This thesis explores the interconnected past, present, and future of forestry and wood architecture in Northern Ontario through a graphic narrative. This narrative is a method of research that explores subjects by reading and visualizing subject matter and synthesizing it through illustration to create a narrative alongside a textual literary review. Through this method of storytelling, it aims to answer the following question: How can Northern Ontario build upon the history of its forestry to evolve wood architecture and culture towards a sustainable future? The planet is faced with a climate crisis. Northern Ontario’s forestry industry holds a key to combat climate change by sequestering carbon while rejuvenating its communities through sustainable forest management and wood architecture. This thesis recounts the two-century long relationship of forests, forest industry, and wood architecture in Northern Ontario to design a new sawmill and fabrication centre.
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