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Title: Dwelling in model-space: experiments in architectural model making
Authors: Chylinski, Derek Richard
Keywords: Architectural model;dwelling;models;phenomenology;craft
Issue Date: 11-Apr-2022
Abstract: Architectural Models are a ubiquitous medium for architectural thought. For such a widespread medium, architectural theory has often neglected to critically consider models in lieu of architectural drawings and writings. The result is models are often considered ideologically neutral, descriptive tools, rather than hyperimmediate generative ones. This trend has persisted throughout the history of western architecture and has intensified recently due to our growing reliance on digital modelling tools in the last twenty years. This thesis aims to make the case for physical model as tools of critical architectural design, capable of challenging our understanding of architecture through their scale, materials, and craft in the same way that drawings challenge our understanding of architecture through their projection and choice of media. It does so by creating an ‘Architecture of Model Space’ through a research creation process that practically explores the foundations of architectural model making practice.
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