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dc.contributor.authorVan Leeuwen, Pauline Mathilde Lucile-
dc.description.abstractIn this PhD study, I investigated two broad classes of drivers of gut microbial communities’ variation in threatened species under conservation breeding programs. Firstly, heritable drivers are potentially not reversible, or if so, over multiple host generations and therefore operate at long-term scales. Second, immediate drivers could induce variation in microbial community composition in a reversible manner and at the individual level of the host. I hypothesized that host genotype and birth location are heritable drivers, and host diet, biology (such as hibernation) and environment (captivity and geography) are short-term immediate drivers.en_US
dc.subjectGut microbial communitiesen_US
dc.subjectconservation breeding programsen_US
dc.subjectVancouver Island marmoten_US
dc.subjectin situ facilitiesen_US
dc.subjectex situ facilitiesen_US
dc.titleMicrobiota and species conservation: drivers of gut microbial communities variation in the context of captive breeding programsen_US
dc.description.degreeDoctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Boreal Ecology and Doctor (PhD) in Sciencesen_US
dc.publisher.grantorLaurentian University of Sudburyen_US
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