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Title: Grief, trauma & healing
Authors: Nadjiwon, Ashley
Keywords: Ceremony;Indigenous healing;Western medicine;healing;Spirit;offerings;land;Mother Earth
Issue Date: 22-Nov-2021
Abstract: How do we understand non-physical trauma and experiences of grief in our society? And, how do we heal from a traumatic experience and move past our grief? Does Western medicine heal, or does it numb our symptoms to a point where we think we are healed? This research is an autoethnography that investigates the author’s experience with loss. This research compares Western medicine’s focus on healing the mind/body and Indigenous methods focused on healing the Spirit. The first uses a combination of prescriptions and counselling and the second draws upon ceremonies and traditional medicines. This research will contribute to a larger body of knowledge that will be useful to others struggling with the complexity of trauma and the methods that are used in healing.
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