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Title: Urban and rural homelessness in Northern Ontario: an Indigenous lens
Authors: Hendel, Isabelle-Gabriele
Keywords: Indigenous;Homelessness;Northern Ontario;Rural;Urban;Hidden Homelessness
Issue Date: 10-Sep-2021
Abstract: Indigenous Peoples are at a higher risk of experiencing homelessness in Canada than non-Indigenous Peoples. As a result, there is a disproportionate representation of Indigenous Peoples in the homeless population. Studies have been conducted in order to identify what services are needed for people living with homelessness in Canada. However, these have failed to include an Indigenous specific focus and have not included the perspectives of Indigenous people with lived experiences. Furthermore, the majority of previous studies explore homelessness in large urban settings and seldom focus on rural or Northern Ontario. A secondary analysis on a photovoice study completed in 2014 on homelessness in Northern Ontario was done to highlight the unique experiences and needs of the Indigenous participants from the previous study. This research focused on health impacts and service provision requirements surrounding Indigenous homelessness in four communities in Northern Ontario. A literature review was also conducted in order to explore the laws and policies surrounding the rights and legal responsibility for services in relation to UNDRIP and the TRC. All of the photovoice data represents lived homelessness or hidden homelessness experience, from the perspectives of Indigenous participants. These are their voices.
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