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Title: Learning from Sudburbanism: An Identity-Based Infill Framework for Downtown Sudbury
Authors: Chabot, Breana
Keywords: Urban renewal;infill;densification;housing;identity;interdependence;well-being;Sudbury
Issue Date: 14-Apr-2021
Abstract: Once a thriving urban environment, Downtown Sudbury is now a place the average Sudburian avoids. Due to a lack of local residents and urban density, it is unable to sustain public life, support the well-being of its inhabitants, and as a whole, provide an enjoyable atmosphere. It is in dire need of urban renewal and a key part of the solution is to add more housing through sensitive infill densification projects. This thesis thus studies people-oriented approaches to learn how to implement infill projects in order to foster interdependence and well-being at the architectural and urban scale. It also studies the uniqueness of the place in order to define identity-based guidelines that can help ensure the design better relates to Sudbury’s identity. This theory-based and place-based knowledge is then paired to an architectural infill framework that is then applied to three Downtown sites, demonstrating its potential and flexibility.
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