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Title: Risk factors for mode of delivery
Authors: Briglio, Tiana
Keywords: birth;trauma;delivery;risks;operative vaginal birth;OVB
Issue Date: 15-Jan-2019
Abstract: Mode of delivery and the effects of birth trauma were investigated. First, a literature revealed the need for further examination of a specific mode of delivery (operative vaginal birth [OVB]). Secondly, an integrative review explored the concept of birth trauma as it relates to healthcare provider actions and behaviours via the following research question: What is known about the relationship between healthcare provider actions and women’s perceived birth trauma? Thirdly, a retrospective study was conducted that built on the literature review to answer the following research question: What infant, maternal, healthcare provider, and regional characteristics put a woman at risk for experiencing an OVB? The final section concludes the project by reflecting on the work completed, interpreting the results for nursing and other healthcare providers, and providing recommendations for future research. This thesis sets the groundwork for future research as it includes the first study to explore unique risk factors for OVB for women in Ontario, Canada. As well as, uncovering the impact that healthcare provider actions and behaviours have on a woman’s birthing experience. The knowledge built in this project has the ability to inform healthcare providers who care for women during the antenatal period, labour and childbirth as well as health policy informing women’s health and wellness.
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