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Title: Global 0ptimization of pairwise comparisons matrix based on differential evolution algorithm
Authors: Duan, Yuqing
Keywords: Pairwise comparisons matrices;differential evolution heuristic;optmization;geometric mean;eigenvector;Monte Carlo experiment;Java, R.
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2019
Abstract: Pairwise comparisons matrices (PCM) are commonly used when different entities or abstract concepts are compared for making decisions. The compared entities for decision making can be both subjective and objective indicators. The elements in PCM are ratios in case of multiplicative version. Using differential evolution (DE) heuristic algorithm, we can find an optimal solution for a given PCM. The optimization results are fairly good with geometric mean (GM) and eigenvector (EV). The thesis provides an introduction of differential evolution and how to apply it to the global optimization of PC matrices. IDEs and Java/R packages used in the Monte Carlo experiment will be discussed. Some results of considerable importance for PC matrices that have been obtained will also be illustrated in the thesis.
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