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Title: The Box: creating cross-disciplinary collaboration through architecture
Authors: Aden-ali, Hamza
Keywords: the Box;architecture;cross disciplinary collaboration
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2020
Abstract: This thesis was born through and exploration of the Architectural realms modus operandi in terms of the exclusionary nature that seems to permeate throughout the industry. The question of who can make and experience Architecture brings to centre stage an imbalance. Political, economic and social barriers all stand in the way of Architecture being a more democratic form. It is an ironic duality that lies here as Architecture is simultaneously one of the most public and private forms of art one can make. Public in its symbolic and monumental nature, while private in its inherent need to protect and shelter. It is an unfortunate truth, but very few people are fortunate enough to experience Architecture. However, even within its exclusive nature, Architecture, at times finds itself doing the opposite. Moments of sharing and collaboration within schools, institutions and the fields showcase an ability for Architecture to be by and for more people. The Open City created by the Valparaiso school of Architecture,1 and the enigmatic and visual magazines by Archigram brushed on a more inclusive Architecture.2 That being said, even within these instances, it is still limiting, as only those who may be fortunate enough to attend the schools or be directly connected to the social circles of the individuals involved may benefit from it. What is needed then is an Architecture that openly calls for collaboration from a wider range of fields without a bias of class, schools or connection. Be it artists, scientist or engineers; through the joint efforts of a group containing a wider skillset, the sharing and learning through collaboration will help Architecture broaden its sense of collaboration. The vehicle that is then proposed as the Architectural answer to this is The Box, a cross disciplinary creative residency that will operate in a nomadic nature. The Box will create an open invitation for creatives of all fields to come together on the completion of an art installation, allowing for a wide range of projects to possibly appear. However, as a means of mitigating the exclusion that may come with a project like The Box, it will use the world’s existing networks of highways, railroads, and shipping routes to affect as many people as it can. Paired with its quarter-annual schedule, the project will aim to effect as wide an audience as possible. The question then that my thesis asks is, can we use Architecture to create an Architecture that facilitates cross disciplinary collaboration and learning to a wider audience than already exists?
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