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MSc thesis Brendon Samson_updated.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2019Deformation history and gold mineralization of the Cadillac Group north of the Larder Lake-Cadillac deformation zone, southern Abitibi greenstone belt, QuebecSamson, Brendon
MSc Thesis_very Final Version_Amir Maleki.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019Gravity data acquisition and potential-field data modelling along Metal Earth's Chibougamau transect using geophysical and geological constraintsGhahfarokhi, Amir Maleki
MSc thesis Marshall Hall.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2019Emplacement of sharp-walled sulphide veins during reactivation of impact-related structures at the Broken Hammer Mine, Sudbury, OntarioHall, Marshall Francis
Trudel MSc thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2019Provenance and depositional age of the Cryogenian ‘grand conglomérat’, host of the Kamoa Cu-deposit, Democratic Republic of CongoTrudel, Philippe Gerald Eric
Dabros MSc thesis FINAL.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2019Compositional and textural analysis of host-rock diamictite matrix at the Kakula copper deposit, Democratic Republic of CongoDabros, Quinn
MSc Thesis_William McNeice_Final.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2019Can magnetic susceptibilities measured on outcrops be used for modelling (and constraining inversions of) aeromagnetic data?McNeice, William John
Burns Thesis Final_Nov 2019.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2016A fluid inclusion study of the Little Nahanni LCT-Type Pegmatite Group, NWT Canada: implications for the nature and origin of fluids in LCT-Type Pegmatites and Pegmatite evolutionBurns, Michael George Garrett
Bagley MSc thesis corrected after exam.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2019Estimating overburden thickness in resistive areas from on-time airborne em data Bagley, Thomas
Mkhonto, Sharlotte.pdf.jpg10-Jan-2020The use of sulfide mineral chemistry to understand PGE mineralization processes in the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous ComplexMkhonto, Sharlotte C.
M.Bouchard_MScThesis_Final_20191220.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2019Litho-and chemostratigraphy of the lower to middle cambrian Mount Clark, Mount Cap and Saline river formations in Hornaday River Canyon, Carcajou Range, and Norman Range, Northwest Territories Bouchard, Mélanie Lynn