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Title: A web-based intervention for perfectionism: an extension of previous findings
Authors: Smith, Alyssa
Keywords: perfectionism;online intervention;treatment;treatment motivation;treatment readiness;stage of change
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2019
Abstract: Transdiagnostic interventions may be a beneficial approach for reducing a number of mental health concerns. As such, the current study replicated and extended on a 10-week online intervention for perfectionism to reduce perfectionism, depressive and anxious symptomology, and negative affect using three groups: cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), general stress management (GSM), and no treatment (NT) waitlist. Moreover, a process and outcome approach was used to monitor weekly changes in psychological functioning, while considering the role of treatment readiness. At posttest, the CBT group exhibited greater adaptive changes in depressive and anxious symptomology, and negative affect than the GSM and NT groups. Although the CBT group exhibited declines on cognitively-focused perfectionism indicators and some traitlike perfectionism indicators, the GSM group exhibited more adaptive changes on most perfectionism indicators. Treatment adherence and treatment readiness are discussed as possible contributors to treatment outcomes and attrition.
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