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Title: The effects of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in high school physical education classes, school sports and community sports on future sports and physical activity participation: a retrospective study
Authors: Dennie, Anik
Keywords: Homophobia;Transphobia;Physical Education;Gender;Sexuality;Rural;Northern Ontario;School Sports;Sports
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2019
Abstract: LGBTQ2-S-phobia is still present within physical education (PE) classes, school sports and community sports. According to Denison and Kitchen (2015), one in five participants reported that PE classes are the most homophobic sporting environment. This mixed method retrospective survey seeks to examine the effects of LGBTQ2-S-phobia in high school PE classes, school and community sports on future sports and physical activity participation along with identifying whether gender and geographical locations are factors in the experiences in which individuals witnessed or had LGBTQ2-S-phobic events in these environments. Results show that PE classes in high schools represent a higher proportion of LGBTQ2-S-phobia than school sports and community sports. Furthermore, those who identify as male and that attended high school in Northern Ontario were faced with higher levels of LGBT2-S-phobia. Some experiences in these specific geographical areas discouraged some individuals to pursue physical activity and sports participation.
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