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Title: Defining Literacies: The Complex Literacies Use And Understandings Of Tree Children
Authors: Wood, Jeffrey W.
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Publisher: Indiana University
Citation: Jeffrey W. Wood. Defining Literacies: The Complex Literacies Use And Understandings Of Tree Children. Indiana: Indiana University, 2007
Abstract: This nine-year ethnographic study describes how three children, Emily, Tristan, and Simon learned, used and understood literacies over time, across sites and within specific discourses. In documenting the literacies of these children, I have gained insight into the processes by which they became literate as well as how each of these children scaffold their own learning by using multiple literacies and sign systems. Emily, Tristan and Simon helped me to see literacies as complex in their conception and use and that all sign systems (e.g. art, dance, reading, writing, maths, sports, videogaming, etc.) operate using common semiotic principles. Sign systems as literacies are multimodal, meaning-focused and motivated; they involve specific social and cultural practices which differ depending on site and community. During every literate act the children in this study made extensive use of the semantic, sensory, syntactic and pragmatic cuing systems to make meaning, regardless of the literacies used. Emily, Tristan and Simon taught me that we need to see children as literate, as symbol users, and meaning-makers from birth. In order to support literacies learning we need to begin by recognizing and supporting the literacies learning process that is already in place.
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