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Title: Using group role assignment to solve Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
Authors: Lei, Bo
Keywords: dynamic vehicle routing;ridesharing;group role assignment;Modified Insertion Heuristic Routing;Modified Pairing Or-opt Routing
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2018
Abstract: The Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem (DVRP) is a more complex problem than the traditional Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) in the combinatorial optimization of operations research. With more degrees of freedom, DVRP introduces new challenges while judging the merit of a given route plan. This thesis utilized the time slice strategy to solve dynamic and deterministic routing problems. Based on Group Role Assignment (GRA) and two different routing methods (Modified Insertion heuristic routing and Modified Composite Pairing Or-opt routing), a new ridesharing system has been designed to provide services in the real world. Simulation results are presented in this thesis. A qualitative comparison has been made to outline the advantages and performance of our solution framework. From the numerical results, the proposed method has a great potential to put into operation in the real world and provides a new transit option for the public.
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