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Title: Moses's story: Critical literacy and social justice in an urban kindergarten.
Authors: Wood, Jeffrey W.
Keywords: Critical literacy;Early childhood education;Teacher research;Literacy instruction;Early childhood teacher
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: National Association for the Education of Young Children
Citation: Wood, J. (2005). Moses's story: Critical literacy and social justice in an urban kindergarten. Young Children: Beyond the Journal. Voices of Practicioners.
Abstract: In this article, Jeffrey Wood reflects on his teacher research project in his kindergarten classroom. Wood focuses on the value of critical literacy as seen through his work with Moses, a student in his classroom. Wood shows us how much we need to consider children’s points of views in early childhood literacy teaching. Wood describes how an important idea such as critical literacy—which involves creating literacy teaching that speaks to children’s identities and empowers them—brings us closer to the worlds of our children and to those moments of insight and learning for ourselves as teachers.
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