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Title: Singing sands, musical grains and booming sand dunes
Authors: Patitsas, A. J.
Keywords: singing sands;musical grains;booming doons;acoustic emissions
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2008
Citation: The second version was published as: Patitsas, A.J., "Singing sands, musical grains and booming sand dunes", Journal of Physical and Natural Sciences, vol. 2, issue 1, 2008.
Abstract: The origin of the acoustic emissions from a bed of musical grains, impacted by a pestle, is sought in a boundary layer at the leading front of the pestle. The frequencies of the shear modes of vibration in such a layer are compared with the observed frequencies. It is assumed that such a layer is the result of the fluidization of the grain asperities due to the high stress level at the front end. Such a boundary layer can also account for the emissions from plates of sand sliding on a dune surface and from grains shaken in a jar.
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