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Title: An exploratory study of the experiences of social workers who are employed in nurse practitioner-led clinics in the province of Ontario
Authors: Kohtakangas, Joanne
Keywords: social worker;Ontario;health care;Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics;NPLC;experiences
Issue Date: 11-Mar-2018
Abstract: This study explored social workers’ experiences working in primary health care—specifically, those employed in Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics (NPLC). This qualitative study utilized a sample of nine social workers employed in Ontario. Data were analyzed using a thematic analysis. Results revealed two thematic clusters pertaining to the social work role and the organizational/structural aspects of the role. Subthemes of the first cluster identified (1) the social work role as multi-faceted and hard to define, (2) issues of poverty and (3) the lack of understanding of the social work role by other professionals, including the importance of positive collegial relationships. Subthemes of the second cluster identified (1) a lack of supervision and the importance to self-care, (2) working in isolation as a challenge, and (3) conflicting models including subthemes on professional hierarchy and pay disparities. Results may help to define the role of social workers who are employed in NPLCs as well as the challenges they may encounter. This research offers a vision of how social work can make a difference within the new era of primary health care aimed at developing health care systems more suited to the needs of individuals, families and communities
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